RISE Academy is currently offering two days of classroom instruction per week. We are a Christian-based education program for Grades K - 7th grade. We provide a challenging curriculum in a nurturing setting. Students attend class twice a week in an academic environment that is conducive to learning. Classroom instruction at RISE Academy is taught by seasoned, qualified teachers with public, private, and home-education experience. Our small teacher-to-student ratio allows for an individualized classroom experience, while providing the benefits and accountability of classroom instruction. Students thrive and develop through the partnership and team-effort of the home and school connection.

The Home and School Connection

At RISE Academy, we truly believe that the key to a child’s success in school is through our home and school connection. We are very intentional about building a community of families that support and work together to help one another. Parent-Teacher communication is built on mutual respect, a heart to serve one another and our students, and through weekly parent notes, quarterly parent meetings, and parent-teacher conferences. Throughout the year, RISE Academy parents will have the opportunity to assist in the planning and preparing of monthly classroom or school-wide events. As our parents support our school activities and events, we work together to create an atmosphere that allows our students to thrive and reach their individual potential from year to year. Our strength as a school continues to evolve and grow as the friendships in our school community are built on respect, encouragement, and support.


Classroom/Teacher Philosophy:

Our teachers believe that the classroom community must be nurtured and governed by Galatians 5:22. “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. Against such there is no law.” Mutual respect and a caring environment are the two basic keys to a peaceful and inviting classroom. Our teachers believe in reaching and inspiring our students to excellence. This is accomplished through engaging lessons, creative activities, and teaching the fundamentals, so our students grow and become solid academic thinkers. Our goal is to encourage our students to become strong academic learners who are fluent readers, competent in mathematic concepts, and creative and articulate writers and speakers.

Classroom Instruction:

Our teachers believe in providing a nurturing classroom environment that utilizes a variety of learning approaches to meet the needs of each individual learner. In our academic tutorial concept of learning, students come to school two days a week for classroom instruction. On the other three days, students are given assignments that are crafted, created, and prepared by our qualified teachers. These teacher-selected assignments are completed at home with the assistance of their parents. 

We believe that the combination of teacher-student instruction and parent-child accountability, along with the team effort provided at home and school, provides one of the most unique and excellent options in education today.

In our classrooms, we believe . . .

-in engaging our students in creative and thought-provoking lessons.

-in encouraging each student toward his/her personal best and personal growth.

-in building student-leaders with positive actions and Christ-like behaviors and character traits.

-in inspiring our students to develop their strengths, as well as strengthening their weaknesses.

-that our classroom community is governed by Biblical standards and Christ-like traits in the way we think, speak, and work with one another.

-that learning support, care, and encouragement from our teachers is what makes our school special and a true blessing to our school community.

-that our students will thrive with the academic support provided at home and at school.

Welcome to Rise Academy!

At Rise Academy, we encourage our students in a variety of ways!  We want them to love learning, but we also want them to be excited about the learning process and coming to school.  

We plan several activities, each year, that our students look forward to!  In this photo, our sweet student is enjoying a cup of tea at our Annual Teddy Bear Tea Party!  Our students are treated to scones, delicious tea, finger sandwiches, and a variety of fun treats and desserts While they learn about tea time and using their manners, they get to ring in the holidays using  Mrs. Bieber's real china.  It is a fun morning for everyone.