The Vision of RISE 22 is to LEAD and RISE:




AND Deploy

those we serve to Restore Individuals to Serve AND Encourage.

Our Mission Statement

We at RISE 22 believe the following and strive to embody these 7 virtues daily!

1.) Valued: We believe in valuing people. We believe that we can do this by encouraging our team and valuing the gifts and strengths that reside in each one.

2.) Teamwork: Teamwork is essential for a healthy community of believers, therefore we will utilize the strengths of our team members and encourage teamwork principles to accomplish the goals set before us! Teamwork makes the DREAM work!

3.) Evangelism: We believe that sharing the Gospel of Christ is our focus and our reason for teaching, reaching, serving, and mentoring the next generation, our community, and the world for Christ.

4.) Building Relationships and Families: We believe that fostering healthy friendships within our team and creating a “family” atmosphere is key to building strong relationships among our team and ministries. We believe that the core relationship of a healthy family is vital to the success of any ministry. We desire to encourage healthy families by encouraging each team member to invest and impact their “first church,” which is their family.

5.) Accountability: We believe that providing an accountability component builds trust and encourages a healthy environment for everyone. The accountability component also creates a place where people are free to explore, discover, and thrive in God’s excellence and in God’s standards. 

6.) Inspire and Impact: We believe that striving for God’s best and God’s excellence brings glory to God and God only. When we strive to live and breathe with this focus, we will inspire and impact those around us.

7.) Develop and Mentor: We desire to build leaders though encouragement, development, and mentorship. We believe that when we are intentional about building leaders, we will grow leaders that can duplicate this process and continue to grow leaders after God’s heart.

“My goal is that they may be encouraged

in heart and united in love, 

so that they may have the full riches

of complete understanding

in order that they may know the mystery of God, 

namely Christ, . . ."  Colossians 2:2