Meet our VB Coach!

Meet HeiDee Bieber:

Do you know that feeling you have when you take the time to focus a moment on yourself and,  suddenly you realize the trajectory of your future is impacted?  Well . . . that is exactly how HeiDee felt after creating her first vision board. That's why she is now sharing that joy with others.  She has experienced what can truly happen when we  take the time to be authentic, true, and clear about our intentions about our future and journey in this life.  

HeiDee is a mother  of five adult children, four of which are happily married.  She continues to love the nurturing, encouraging, and supportive role of being a mom!  She has been married to the love of her life for 32 years.  HeiDee is an educational coach and mentor, a director and teacher of a private school, and a family/parenting coach to young families.  In her extra time, she enjoys art journaling, reading, collecting children's literature, creating educational curriculum for the classroom, painting, and writing short stories.  She enjoys going out for coffee with friends, dates with her hubby, and creating in her art room at home.  Her passion is inspiring children of all ages and women to be all that they can be!  That's why she believes in the power of sharing Authentic Vision Board Workshops with others!