A registration fee of $275 per student is due when you apply for enrollment to Rise Academy. Checks for this fee shall be made payable to: RISE Academy.

Submit an application, parent-contract, and the registration fee to enroll in RISE Academy. This will ensure prompt processing of your child's paperwork and we will contact you by email to confirm your child's enrollment.  Send all forms and fees to:  

Rise Academy, c/o:  HeiDee Bieber, 4945 Skylark Meadow Drive, Cumming, GA 30028.


1.)  Student Book Fee of $300.00 per child:  Due on or by May 1st.

2.)  Teacher's Materials Fee of $200.00 per child:  Due on or by June 1st.

3.)  Operating Expense Fee of $200.00 per child - Due on or by July 1st


It is our goal at RISE Academy to provide excellence in education at an affordable and competitive price. Tuition payments may be made monthly, August through May, with the first payment beginning on August 1st. They may also be made in full on or before August 1st. A 5% discount is given when you pay for your entire tuition in one payment. We offer sibling discounts for multiple students in 1st through 4th Grades. The discount is 10% off for each additional child, after the first child. All tuition payments and fees will be made to: RISE Academy. Tuition is due on the first of the month and is late after the fourth. A $25 late fee will be charged for each payment made after the 5th. A $25 penalty fee plus associated fees will be assessed for each returned check.

When you make your final decision to enroll in RISE Academy, the commitment is for the entire school year. Parents wishing to withdraw a student during the school yea r are required to pay tuition for the full year. Special consideration will be given for hardship situations.  

Kindergarten - Seventh Grade:

Full Academic Year - $3250.00 (A 5% "Prepay Discount" will be given if you pay your tution in full on or before August 1st. Your annual payment will be reduced by $162.50 to $3087.50) Paying Monthly - $325.00 per month from August 1st - May 1st

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